Tagged Trout Data

Over the last several years, the CWA gas been stocking tagged trout throughout the watershed in hopes to gain some insight on how fish move in our waterways. If you are an angler visiting one of the local waterways, be on the lookout for tagged rainbow trout. These fish have a metal clip attached to the gill plate with a four digit number engraved on it.

If you catch a tagged fish, please take a picture of the fish and note the location where you caught it. We encourage catch and release angling for these fish, as this allows multiple data points to be generated as fish are caught multiple times. Tag number and location information can then be reported to the CWA Facebook page or by email at [email protected]

Sullivan Run Project

A compilation of some of the work completed on Sullivan Run in Alameda Park this past summer. In conjunction with the Large Woody Debris installation from 2020, we are looking forward to seeing the effect on watershed health these projects had. Special thanks to our partners – PA Fish and Boat Commission, Butler County Parks and Rec, Butler County Conservation District, Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, and Phil Hay and Sons Excavating.

Trout Movement Study

Attention anglers. Please help out the CWA this year by reporting any tagged rainbow trout that you catch in the Connoquenessing Creek Watershed. More information can be found on signs like these found along Trout Stocked Waters throughout the region.

The Monitor – Winter 2020-2021

In order to best keep our members and friends informed of current projects and news, the CWA has brought back our newsletter, The Monitor. Inside this edition, you can find news of our latest stream restoration projects, partnership activities in our local area, and upcoming plans for our group.

Monitor Winter 2021

Bacterial Survey

While going through historical projects and data of the CWA, we were able to digitalize the original Bacteria Monitoring Survey within the watershed in 2006. This was a fantastic project that culminated in this excellent report on the health of some of the streams in the watershed.

Thorn Creek Project 2019

This year’s Thorn Creek Habitat Improvement Project wrapped up on Sunday, August 4, 2019 with the planting of 200 live stakes of native riparian shrub species on the newly installed habitat devices. During the two week construction period, work crews from the CWA, PA Fish and Boat Commission, Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, CN Railroad, Penn Township, and Phil Hay and Sons Excavating installed over 1400 feet of instream habitat devices. These devices included 25 sections of mud sill, 3 root wad deflectors, 7 log frame deflectors and a log cross vane. All of these devices will serve to stabilize the stream bank, provide overhead cover, and move pressure from the primary water current away from eroding stream banks.

Thorn Creek Habitat Improvement Project

The next phase of the CWA’s Stream Habitat Improvement Project will begin on Monday, July 22, 2019 and will last approximately two weeks. During this time, over 1200 feet of instream habitat improvements will be constructed on Thorn Creek in Penn Township just east of the Route 8 bridge. Stop by and see how we are working to improve the watershed!

Oneida Reservoir Cleanup

On Saturday, March 30, 2019, the Connoquenessing Watershed Alliance partnered with several local groups to conduct a litter cleanup along the shores of the Oneida Reservoir.  The Oneida Reservoir, owned by Pennsylvania American Water, is open for public fishing and is a key water supply source for the Butler community.  Members of the CWA, Butler County Conservation District, Butler Area School District National Junior Honor Society, Oakland Township, and Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission worked diligently to remove litter and dumped items from the shores of the lake, helping to prevent any possible contamination of this drinking water source.  During the course of the event, participants collected over a ton of garbage, including more than 60 bags of miscellaneous trash, three televisions and two toilets.  The garbage, collected on a trailer donated by Oakland Township, will be deposited in a local landfill as part of the Great Pennsylvania Cleanup.  Thank you to all who came out to assist with such a worthy cause!